Construction Manager

BCIMA Basic Option

Benefits and Limits 
BCIMA offers generous limits, both in and out of hospital

  • Disease Management Benefit - LifeSense (HIV & TB) Unlimited

  • Covid-19 - Unlimited

  • PMB Preventative Care Benefit - Unlimited

  • Hospital Limit R460 000 per member family

  • Chronic Medication Limit R12 500 per family

  • Annual Limit Day-to-day R20 850 per family, with various sublimits, e.g. GPs and Specialists (Refer to Member Brochure 2022)

Contribution Increase

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Contribution Increases

The contribution increases for 2022 is only 5.1%. The benefit limits increased with an average of 4.2%.

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Benefit Enhancement

The following New Benefits and Enhancement will be implemented in 2022 to assist our members:

Workers with Masks


  • Unlimited Benefit for Admissions and In-Hospital related treatment.

  • PMB Tariffs will apply and will not affect the Annual Hospital Limit.

  • BCIMA Tariff + 200%.

Beer Glass

Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction was previously an Exclusion on the Fund.

  • From 2022 there will be a benefit of 21 days per beneficiary per year, in a rehab centre and will be paid from the Hospital Limit.

Friendly Young Doctor

Preventative Care Benefit

This benefit is unlimited and will not affect your Hospital and Day-to-day Limits.

  • Conservative Dentistry 

    • For beneficiaries under 6 years of age (100% of the BCIMA Tariff)

  • Mental Health Benefit

    • 1 Clinical Psychologist consultation, per beneficiary per year.

Customer Service


Assistance and advice are just a phone call away, on 082 911 through Netcare's 911's Health-on-Line, a 24-hour Emergency Operations Centre, which provides emergency, as well as non-emergency telephonic medical advice to members and dispatch an ambulance if it is clinically indicated.

A Medical Scheme for the Construction Industry

The scheme has a healthy solvency ratio of 117%.

Way above the legal requirement of 25%.

2022 Member Brochure

3 Language Brochure 2022

New Plus Option