Contribution Increase

Employers are urged to complete and submit the monthly wage schedule, as contributions are paid in accordance with the actual earnings of the individual member.


Employee Annual contributions are structured over 48 weeks/12 months. These contributions allow for cover throughout the year and cover
for the 4 week holiday period.

New Plus Option

BCIMA was established in 1964 and has a strong foundation in providing members of the Building, Construction and Civil Engineering industries with medical cover.

The Fund has a long-standing relationship with the building, construction and civil engineering industries, which allowed it to develop an in-depth understanding of the needs of employers and their employees within this specific market. This deep-rooted legacy has allowed the BCIMA team to design the most appropriate and suitable contributions and benefits for these sectors, as we truly understand the needs of our members.

Plus Option Benefits

Our impressive member benefits and benefit features include:

  • Cover for all PMB conditions

  • No network restrictions on healthcare providers (doctors, dentists etc)

  • Members have access to:

    • Private hospitals (subject to authorisation)​

    • Health services at private healthcare providers

    • Unlimited HIV Benefits (subject to registration with LifeSense)

    • COVID-related admissions and treatment

    • Preventative Care Benefits - Unlimited

  • NETCARE911 for emergency services - to ensure prompt and clinically appropriate emergency transport​

    • Health-on-Line Benefit - Call 082 911 - 24 hour Emergency/Non-emergency Telephonic Medical Advice and information​

New Benefits


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Financial Strength

 On an annual  basis the CEO and the Board of Trustees, with the help of a healthcare actuary, consider the contribution increases and benefit limits for the next year.


 It is important that the Fund must remain financially strong to provide members with benefits for years to come, yet the financial position of members need to be considered.

Message from the Fund
Phumelele Makatini, medical aid, ceo

The contribution increase for 2022 is only:



Despite the low contribution increase, the Fund will increase benefits with an average of



resulting in real tangible benefits to the member.


The Scheme is Healthy

BCIMA is a well-managed scheme which, despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, has continued to
grow this past year. The scheme has a healthy solvency ratio of 117%, which is higher than the Council
for Medical Schemes’ required minimum of 25%. The Scheme growth as well as a healthy solvency ratio
has ensured that the Scheme can offer lower contribution increases while enhancing benefits.


Specialist Referrals
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 BCIMA requires that members consult with a GP before going to a Specialist, for the Specialist consultation to be paid. This requirement is only for out of hospital claims.

The relationship between a GP and a patient is especially important. The GP is the healthcare provider who looks at the member in totality, and is aware of the mental and physical health status of the member, the GP is thus the healthcare provider that will know if the patient needs a specialist, and from which field of specialty.

Members do not need a GP referral to a Specialist in the following instances:

  • Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Oncologist and Anaesthetist (in-and out of hospital)

  • The follow-up consultation after a hospital stay and/or operation.

  • All in-hospital consultations, subject that a hospital authorization was obtained.

Pharmacy benefits, dental, flu medication

Emergency Ambulance Services

Netcare Ambulance.png

BCIMA Funds Emergency Transport Service through Netcare 911.

The member will not be liable for any short payments if authorised with Netcare 911, as we have an agreed tariff rate with them.


When you have a medical emergency please call 082 911.


Assistance and advice is just a phone call away through Netcare 911’s Health-on-Line, a 24-hour Emergency

Operations Centre which provides emergency as well as non-emergency telephonic medical advice to members and can dispatch an ambulance if it is clinically indicated.


The HIV/aids disease management programme: Members are reminded to contact LifeSense for HIV related issues.


You can call 0860 506 080 – 24hrs a day; your query will be logged and a case manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Personal Information Update 

Included below is the Personal Information Update Form, please complete and return to us as soon as possible. Please use this opportunity to update any information with BCIMA that might be outdated, this will ensure that you receive important information regarding your fund.


Please also indicate your race and provide your Tax Reference number – this is a requirement from Government.


Please keep in mind – it is fraud to give your card to your friends or co-workers to obtain benefits such as glasses or medicine!


Please remember – do not take money or any other non-medical incentives from any provider! This is fraud. Providers are only allowed to provide you with medical treatment.

We all have a responsibility to fight fraud and corruption, if we are aware of fraud, we have a responsibility to report this!


Please contact the anonymous-secure-confidential Vuvuzela hotline on Toll Free number: 080 111 447. The case will be investigated and the appropriate action taken.

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SMS – call back system
Call Center Headset

Remember to use the sms call back system to assist you.

Simply sms the word “CALL” followed by your membership number (e.g. CALL 1234567) to 47975 and one of our agents will call you.


The sms line is open from 7h00 to 19h00 during weekdays and from 8h00 to 13h00 on Saturdays.

As we are nearing the end of 2020 and looking forward to 2021 with great hope and expectation that next year will be better for the building and construction industry, as well as the Fund and the country, please know that BCIMA will be there to support its members and we remain committed to offering the best quality and affordable healthcare.

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We are committed to offering the best quality and affordable healthcare.
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